Playboy March, 1992-pg81

"Although the term for women may differ in the magazines--'Playmate' in Playboy, 'Pet' in Penthouse, 'Beaver' in Hustler, 'Whore' in Whores on Parade--the relations of domination remain the same. In Playboy, as in all other pornographic magazines, women exist for male use. The 'brilliance' of Playboy was that it combined the commodification of sex with the sexualization of commodities."

--Gail Dines, and Jean M. Humez, eds., Gender, Race and Class in Media, (Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications, 1995), 261.

"Sex Addiction: Distress about a pattern of repeated sexual conquests . . . involving a succession of people who exist as things to be used." --DSM-IIIR. American Psychiatric Association, 1987, 286.

"...insidious mainstreaming of commercial the message that this flagrantly sexist and dehumanizing treatment of women is All-American and A-OK. It tells young readers that sex is disconnected and exploitative,and women are for sale to any and all consumers." 4