"Voyeurism and objectification are closely related. Just as the Centerfold Syndrome. calls for men to become observers, it also calls for women to be the observed. Women become objects as men become objectifiers. As the culture has granted men the right and privilege of looking at women, women have been expected to accept the role of stimulators of men's visual interest, with their bodies becoming objects that can be lined up, compared, and rated. The process is distinctly one-way, with women's bodies highlighted and male observers remaining in the shadows or anonymous in a crowd. Objective physical aspects are critical: size, shape, and harmony of body parts are more important than a woman's human qualities. The women objectified by the media remain relatively anonymous, often without names, except for pseudonyms such as Miss May, Miss Nevada, or Miss Rotary Camshaft. Despite the occasional pretense of connection through shallow interviews or background sketches, centerfold women are left devoid of real personalities, portrayed as superficial cartoon characters. Men talk of their attraction to women in dehumanizing terms based on the body part of their obsession.--'I'm a leg man,' or 'I'm an ass man.'

What's more, one fantasy woman is never enough, since images that initially can be enormously novel and exciting can quickly lose their zip. Objectifying observers soon find one naked woman boring and routine, and look for new and different images to provoke their fascination--'variety is the spice of life.' At times, the confirmed objectifier becomes so attached to the thrill of the new and different visual experience, he resorts to the kinky and the offbeat, becoming preoccupied with visual fetishes. Bizarre magazines featuring only 'Big-Breasted Mamas', 'Black Beauties', 'Oriental Cuties', or 'Biker Babes' are in part a pathetic effort to override the boredom inherent in such superficial sexuality."

--Brooks, The Centerfold Syndrome, 3-4.