"Hitting" and Sex with a Scorecard are but Two of the Many Destructive Messages in Pornography

"When men view women as sex objects, they are also objectifying themselves, a point not often appreciated. . . Pornography promotes our insecurities by picturing sex as a field of combat and conquest. . . Emotional needs are denied altogether or telescoped mercilessly into the search to obtain exclusively genital satisfaction. Although what most men want is physical affection from another human being, what they end up thinking they want is to be laid by a Playboy bunny."

--Harry Brod, "Eros Thanatized: Pornography and Male Sexuality," in Men Confront Pornography, ed. Michael S. Kimmel (New York: Meridian, 1990), 199.

"I strongly believe that the Centerfold Syndrome is a product of the way sex has been presented and taught to men. These lessons have been supported by the idea that men should keep women in their place and simultaneously establish their own place in the eyes of other men by using women's bodies. They have also been perpetuated by an irresponsible system of teaching young men about sexuality. They are the tragic result of a culture that profits from manipulating images of women and grossly impairing men's capacity to develop deeply intimate relationships with women."

--Brooks, The Centerfold Syndome, 124-125.