Playboy October, 1992-pg77

". . .Buchman (1988) found that repeated exposure to pornography [adult, nonviolent] promoted callous perceptions of the extent of suffering experienced by child victims of sexual abuse and trivialized the sexual abuse of females, whether adults or children, as a criminal transgression."

--James B. Weaver, III, "Pornography and Sexual Callousness: The Perceptual and Behavioral Consequences of Exposure to Pornography," in Media, Children, and the Family-Social Scientific, Psychodynamic, and Clinical Perspectives, eds. Dolf Zillmann, Jennings Bryant, and Aletha C. Huston (Hillsdale: Lawrence Erlbaum, 1994), 219.

"'the use of sexual media is clearly associated with sexually agressive behavior'. . . . Some believe that it can cause addiction or compulsive sexual behavior, and almost all believe that it facilitates, maintains, or reinforces it. . . This is particularly true (a) if the pornography is arousing; (b) if it is coupled with masturbation and subsequent orgasm; (c) when alternative nondeviant fantasies are unavailable; (d) if the pornographic stimuli occurs during puberty and the 10 to 24 months afterwards (the crucial period for the development of enduring sexual propensities. . . ); (e) if the child (at the onset of adolescence) has little or no previous sexual experience to draw on. . . ."

--M. Douglas Reed, "Pornography Addiction," in Media, Children, and the Family, 263-264.

"...findings of two (Canadian) national surveys-population and police-indicate that, for a number of persons, pornography had served as a stimulus to committing sexual assaults against children." 7