Playboy Feb, 1991-pg71

"Hefner, Guccione and Flynt are supposed to be such 'liberators'. . . What a joke! They merely built empires on men's envy and hatred of women, building up these feelings for added profits. They would never dare admit that the Average Playboy Reader spends his evenings choking the chicken, giving up on a love life. Their sexual scenarios pick up on the guilt and envy, offering violence and cynicism as solutions. . . I really believe that porn turns men into fetishists hooked on overpriced media, with knee-jerk reactions to any woman."

--Martin Dufresne, in Making Violence Sexy, 108.

"The fact that exposure to pornography can activate sexually callous perceptions of women and promote manipulative and, in some instances, aggressive behaviors is highlighted clearly by the research evidence." 8