" . . . the contest may simply be 'notch' contests over who has sex with the greatest number of women."

"But the viewing of soft-core pornography was connected to coercive verbal behavior. It was also associated with the hypothetical likelihood to use sexual force. This conclusion was gauged by answers to a question asking whether the respondent would force sexual behavior if he were certain no one would find out and he would not be punished. Researcher Scot B. Boeringer...concluded that . . . even soft-core pornography was found to be associated with nonviolent coercion and the hypothetical likelihood of using sexual force."

--"Sexual aggression and pornography," The Menninger Letter, February 1995, p. 2.

"...sexually explicit mass media messages may be . . . a potent catalyst for sexually abusive behaviors such as rape. Exposure to pornography, remember, results in both a 'loss-of-respect' for female sexual autonomy and the disinhibition of men in the expression of aggression against women." 12