". . . The silencing pornography does is inextricably tied to what social science has documented are pornography's 'nonspeech' harms: its contribution to sexist attitudes, its encouragement of rape myths, its sexualization of dominance, and its reduction of men's inhibitions to rape."

--Michelle Anderson, in The Price We Pay, 123.

Playboy June, 1988-pg162

". . . a number of studies reveal a causal relationship between men's exposure to pornography and their insensitivity to women's speech. One study by two Canadian psychologists attempted to gauge the impact of viewing nonviolent pornography upon males' cognitive and behavioral sexism toward women in a professional setting. . . The subjects who viewed the pornography displayed an inattentiveness to the woman's speech and an overattentiveness to her body...After viewing pornography only 4 percent of this group was able to recall what the female speaker had said.

The results for the other participants were quite different--24 percent. . . in a professional setting, men hear less of what women have to say after viewing pornography. Other studies confirm that pornography has the ability to de-legitimize women. [they]. . . view women as significantly less than equal and. . . display less sympathy with statements about sexual equality than they had before. Exposure to aggressive pornography also inclines men to disbelieve survivors' allegations of rape, and to believe instead rape myths, including the myth that women tend to lie about sexual assault."

--Michelle Anderson, in The Price We Pay, 125-26.