We All Need to Take A Closer Look

"Finally, you've had to avoid being duped by those who try to perpetuate the Centerfold Syndrome by aligning it with the cause of sexual freedom. For many years there's been a school of thought that holds that any challenge to soft-core pornography is automatically antisex. Those who profit from objectification and sexual exploitation of women claim that their products are sex aides, that they help men be sexual. They do. But they help men be sexual in the old-fashioned way that harms women and debases men's sexuality. These magazines continue to teach the values of the Centerfold Syndrome. The cause of sexual freedom will be served when men choose to reject soft-core pornography and seek intimate sexuality with real women."

--Brooks, The Centerfold Syndrome, 177.

"Our focus on children must serve to build a deep respect for the fact that all early childhood experiences have profound significance for the development of the character and behavior of the adult. We must define how behaviors of domination are learned. The child's unique susceptibility to media messages about human nature, gender behavior, and conflict resolution must be made explicit so that children's current experience of media is no longer trivialized and is instead understood as having the potential to be a major impediment to their healthy development."

--Sandra Campbell, "Creating Redemptive Imagery: A Challenge of Resistance and Creativity," in Transforming a Rape Culture, 148.

"The changes we are working toward will produce not one ounce of lost pleasure. What will be lost is a very large measure of anxiety, guilt, insecurity, alienation, and profound estrangement between women and men brought on by the current construction of male sexuality. What will be lost is sex between people who don't know or don't care about each other; sex between persons and objects; sex based on revenge, proving oneself, or showing off; and sex that's part of a masquerade."

--Brooks, The Centerfold Syndrome, 178.

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