Wouldn't dream of taking her clothes off for money, but wants you to.

Christie Hefner, Chairman and CEO of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. would never subject herself to what she and her organization do to 18year-old coeds.
     She has not and will never display herself nude for commercial purposes. It would be personally demeaning and damage her professional credibility. After all, who would take an ambitious businesswoman who poses nude for the pornography industry seriously?
     What a double standard, to be safely clothed and hiding behind the bodies of nude young women officially displayed as commercial sex objects for the indiscriminate consumption by any and all men.

The Fine Print: Health and Safety Concerns for Coeds Being Targeted for Commercial Sex Pictorials

Ms. Hefner
Misinforming About Sexuality
Misleading About Intimacy
Misusing Nude Display
Mislabeling Subordination
Misplacing Equality
Mistrusting Respect
Misidentifying Freedom
Mistaken About NO Harm
Misunderstanding Exploitation
Misrepresenting Truth
Missed HER Photo Shoot
MISOGYNY'S Handmaiden