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When Pornography is Critiqued Why Do Some People Get So Mad?

"...for many men, criticism of pornography is experienced as criticism of their basic sexuality, and specifically, to an attack on how they attain erections. Since many men's eroticism has been shaped from the beginning by images from pornography, it is impossible for them to envision an alternative. Thus to criticize pornographized sexuality is perceived by many men as a direct attack on their sexuality with the implied threat of depriving them of erections."
-- W.E. Stock in Men And Sex, 1997

When men view women as sex objects they are also objectifying themselves. Pornographizing sexuality and dehumanizing and subordinating women alienates men from their own sexuality and fosters destructive attitudes of entitlement and contempt, acted out as uncaring, nonrelational sexual conquests and aggression.


Campus Committee
for Education Not Exploitation,
ACC Women and Men for Social Justice, Spring, 1998     

 The Fine Print: Health and Safety Concerns for Coeds Being Targeted for Commercial Sex Pictorials