It may be fashionable...
but what about the children?
The inappropriate use of sex and children in advertising.

Calvin Klein has been on the cutting edge of fashion--and the tightrope of what is questionable and blatantly inexcusable--for years. His sexualization of children for dollars was taking place more than 10 years ago with the underage Brooke Shields--and is still here today.

 Sexual Medicine Today, 4/82 

What about a commitment to the safety and dignity of
women and children...and zero tolerance for exploitative designer

Vanity Fair, 10/92

"Nothing comes between me and my Calvin's..."

..."Brooke Shields whose movies and Calvin Klein commercials have made her the teen sex idol..'If my Calvin's could only talk,' she says, 'I'd be ruined.' Teri Shields, Brooke's mother-manager: 'I don't mind Brooke being called a sex symbol, but "nymphet" and "Lolita" rub me the wrong way.'...Aware of child development, physicians know that teenagers are extremely concerned about being popular with their peers, about appearing attractive, and in one way or another, about testing their sexual attractiveness. Brooke Shields in her tight jeans defines sexual attractiveness for this generation...For physicians attempting to help teenagers and their parents through the critical process of allowing the teenager to establish his or her identity, Brooke Shields' movies and career provide a starting point for discussion that can include the exploitative use of sexuality."      --Sexual Medicine Today, Harry Henderson, 4/82

Some call it fashionable...we call it irresponsible.
The misuse of sex and child-like images to sell products.

Klein's Obsession with the public sexualization of underage girls is disturbing...and dangerous.
Of the 683,000 forcibly raped in one year: 61% are younger than 18; 29% are under 11.

"Jeans are about sex," says Calvin Klein. "The abundance of bare flesh is the last gasp
of advertisers trying to give redundant products a new identiy." The News and Observer