The stripping of Kate Moss:
High fashion takes high risk by using blatant sex in advertising.

"Fashion shows have turned into skin shows. In the old days, top models didn't have to take it all off to earn top dollar. But today, most every famous face is baring her buns...Now seasoned fashion observers and retailers grouse that designers have finally gone too far with displays of nudity. And some models aren't thrilled with these sheer fashion fantasies."
"Wearing less and showing more", USA Today, 11/19/93

"...(model) Karen Alexander, 27, was appalled at what some models weren't wearing at the shows: 'I would see these girls and think, my God, how could they do it? I don't think I could. I would feel too exposed.'"
      --"Wearing less and showing more", USA Today, 11/19/93

 Playboy, 11,/93

Playboy, 12,/93

"Many observers feel that fashion collections have begun to turn into strip shows vying for press. Models have become nothing more than highÐpaid strippers as they parade in front of hundreds of people wearing nothing but the Fashion Emperors' new clothes. 'I love sheerness when it has a sense of shyness and modesty,' says Haysun Hahn of Promostyl, a trendÐspotting agency in New York. 'But when it's overt, it is animalistic and rude to women. This is not the time for it.' Dean is also dismayed at the amount of nudity now on the runways. 'It's not what we need to be doing. It makes us look ridiculous.'" *
*Marjorie Dean is with the Tobe Report, a fashion retail advisory agency
     --"Designers short on discretion", Elizabeth Snead, USA Today, 11/4/93

"...Most of the models were far too young to remember Andy Warhol's promised 15 minutes of fame, so they happily settled for 15 seconds as they walked down the runway, reveled in the attention from the photographers, waved at friends and exited...Many of the young models were uninhibited about exposing their bodies.* The men modeling swimsuits and briefs didn't bother with athletic supporters, giving new meaning to the term 'letting it all hang out'. A surprising number of women modeled sheer outfits that exposed pretty much everything not covered by black GÐstrings, Klein's single concession to modesty. One female model even went topless, wearing what Klein's program described as a 'black cotton classic brief.'"
     --"Fashion show takes a turn: Klein puts 'real' models in real clothes", Mary Gottschalk, The News & Observer, 11/4/93

*More accurately, public sexual display was a requirement by Klein for employment

"...designers have finally gone too far with displays of nudity...
Fashion shows have turned into skin shows." USA Today