"...1963 in America: anything was possible. 1993 in America: anything goes. If you've had enough, you're not alone."
 --Connie Chung, "Eye to Eye", 11/11/93

  Allure, 1/93                              Harper's Bazaar, 7/93
People, 9/20/93  

"Collection week left fashion industry observers wondering if designers had lost their minds. Why would they think that smart women who work hard to afford high-priced clothes would be dumb enough to turn up at the office wearing see-through clothing? Have they ever heard of sexual harassment? Have they ever walked by construction zones?
     'Unfortunately, the designers did themselves an injustice,' says Sheila Kamensky of Rich's department store in Atlanta. 'We all wish the shows had been a little more realistic...You can bet your bustier that Vogue editor Anna Wintour isn't going to work in chiffon shirts and gauze minis. She wears serious clothes that make a powerful personal statement, not a come-on to corporate on-lookers.'"
 --"Sheer madness reigns at spring shows", Elizabeth Snead, USA Today, 11/10/93

"Most anorexic moment: Karl Lagerfield's Chanel finale featured bone-thin models in shockingly sheer dresses as late bulimic singer Karen Carpenter's 'Sing' played...
     Strip show moment: Saint Laurent's hipÐhugging fringed mini worn by a model without undies who kept twirling a lot.
     Strip show moment II: At Chanel, supermodel Cindy Crawford wore nothing under a sheer black evening gown that ended just below her crotch. Nothing. Got that?
     Strip show moment III: Superwaif Kate Moss went topless in just a micro-miniskirt for British designer Vivienne Westwood."
--"Style Wars: Dainty vs. Disheveled, ShowÐstopping moments", Elizabeth Snead, USA Today, 10/18/93