June, 1994

Playboy June, 1994

"...most are introduced to the opposite sex between the pages of a magazine. A 1986 York University study showed that teens 12 to 17 are, in fact, the largest consumers of pornographic materials. While girls are reading YM and Teen articles about relationships and feelings, boys are studying the Penthouse forum and the Playboy centerfold. Magazines function as the main text in a boy's sex education; they are the two-dimensional equivalent of a young man's first prostitute who leads him confidently and sensitively down the road to adult sensuality. She puts out and is easily controlled. Jennings Bryant, director of the University of Alabama's Communications Research, has studied the effects of pornography for many years and says boys use porn to feel a mastery over sex. However, as sexual education, pornography is tantamount to a big lie, Bryant says. 'You get a false expectation of realities.' Much pornography makes it seem everyone else is having sex, in all different ways--that women are hungry, and men can go all night. He says, 'Boys learn that women are willing to do anything and are hot to trot.

Our research shows that the people who have early and prolonged exposure to porn tend to have a callousness and uncertainty and are much less open to another person--thinking this is someone I'm out to take advantage of.'"

--"Sons and Lovers," Toronto Life/Fashion, Sept. 1993, 118.