Playboy June, 1995-pg160
"Boys often make their first precious glimpses of female nakedness in magazine pictures a bonding or celebratory activity, by passing the pictures around as part of a group consumption. They try to impress each other with their reaction, with their hooting, grunting, and sharing of primal excitement. Various verbal expressions are learned -- 'Look at those hooters!' 'What a pair o melons on that babe!' 'Baby, you can pull my train anytime' -- and so forth."

-- Gary R. Brooks, Ph.D., The Centerfold Syndrome (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1995), 116.

"...Bryant's telephone interviews show that very large numbers of children now have access to both hard-core and soft-core materials: The average age at which male respondents saw their first issue of Playboy or a similar magazine was 11 years. All of the high school age males surveyed reported having read or looked at Playboy, Playgirl, or some other soft-core magazine." 2