Playboy Jan., 1992-pg87

"Listen up men: Playboy is not the good clean fun the Hefners would have us believe, but sexist propaganda that hurts us in more ways than we know."

--Mura, in Law and Politics.

Playboy Jan., 1994-pg85

"Although soft-core pornography is not graphic or violent, it is often degrading, depicting scenes in which a person (almost always a woman) is consenting but in a clearly submissive role, apparently sexually insatiable and usually subjected to some form of humiliating behaviour. All pornography portrays sex in an impersonal or dehumanizing manner, depicting women purely as objects in a nonaffectionate context."

--W.L. Marshal and Sylvia Barrett, "The Link to Pornography," in Criminal Neglect: Why Sex Offenders Go Free (Toronto: Seal Books, 1990), 158.

"Taken together, the research evidence highlights the fact that exposure to commonly available sexually explicit materials can foster and reinforce negative perceptions of women in both sexual and nonsexual contexts." 10