The Sexual Subordination of Women Puts Females
at Greater Risk for Harassment,
Manipulation, and Harm

Playboy Feb., 1995-pg147

"Pornography is frequently used to sexually harass women at work . . . Displaying pornography in the workplace is a graphic and effective way for male workers to let their female colleagues know they are not welcome and are considered inferior."

--Michelle Anderson, in The Price We Pay, 127.

"Two studies asked female respondents, 'Have you ever been upset by someone trying to get you to do something which they had seen in pornographic magazines, movies, or books?' Ten percent of women responded yes in a random sample study in San Francisco, and 24 percent said yes in a survey of college undergraduates. Sometimes these interchanges are not simply requests. Three percent of women in one survey and 8.5 percent in another said that they had been physically coerced into sex by someone inspired by pornography."

--Anderson, in The Price We Pay, 128.

"Dating violence then, comes down to at least two things: sexism and secrecy. Sexism is another word for entitlement. A male feels entitled to a female's body...the secret is called something else: 'normal.'"

--Gary Pettus, "Dating Violence a Dark Secret Among Youth," The Clarion-Ledger, 4 February 1996.