Playboy July, 1992-pg148

". . . [a club for girls was started] after hearing that 16-year-old girls. . .faced explicit sexual harassment daily at school. And that they fully expected it. 'The boys who are 10-years-old are reading Playboy with all the nudes,' wrote one girl in a journal. 'Then they want to grab us girls in the privates to see if we're the same. That's where it all starts.'"

--Marilyn Linton, "Respect Yourself," Toronto Sun, 24 April 1994, p. 5b.

"A man's need to 'score' and to push women into sexual acts that earn masculinity credits objectifies women. 'Scoring' is enhanced by getting women to perform sex acts that the men consider demeaning . . . Still other practices involve sexual humiliation of women."

--Chris O'Sullivan, "Fraternities and the Rape Culture," in Transforming A Rape Culture, eds. Emilie Buchwald, Pamela R. Fletcher, and Martha Roth (Minneapolis: Milkweed, 1993), 27.

"The most blatant misogynist practices are those which objectify women and portray them as commodities for male use." 11