Soft Core is Costly "Speech" for a Free Society

[Playboy viciously attacks male student critics]. . ."The guys generally look like wet-behind-the-scrotum college kids whose only social skill is the one they acquired when they discovered the combustibility of flatulence. Maybe they think that they can make themselves attractive to women by reciting the catechism according to anti-porn feminist Catharine MacKinnon. They are masturbation amateurs, easily shamed."

--James R. Peterson, "Tale of Two Studies," Playboy, March 1994, 44, 47.

Playboy has long touted a philosophy of tolerance--claiming to embrace diversity, support differing opinions and welcome varied viewpoints. And yet at the first hint of diverse opinion that doesn't toe their questionable content line they resort to the narrow-minded and archaic double standards of intolerance, screaming "first amendment rights." The slightest criticism draws slanderous and vitriolic attacks. Viewpoints that vary from theirs incite retaliation in the form of eighth grade trash talk, with columnists and editors regressing to the super-juiced hormonal chest-bumping of 14-year-olds. Really quite surprising behavior from a group of businessmen whose platform is built upon so-called liberating tolerance.

"Pornography. . . depends on stereotyping. . . Women who object to pornography are also stereotyped: as prudes with unhappy childhoods, as rape victims, or Nazis looking to force everyone into some rigid sexual order. Recently, Playboy referred to major feminist researchers as moral majority types with 'a pathological fear of anything that causes arousal.'"

--Laura Lederer, in The Price We Pay, 136.