Playboy Feb., 1993-pg154

"'Young sexually inexperienced viewers are less likely to recognize the difference between sex in the real world and the false message of pornography, i.e. that women enjoy rape.' Besides colouring their views of women, pornography can also affect boys' self-concept. According to Jennings Bryant, 'Boys find themselves not fitting into the mould. . . at this age, they're so uncertain about themselves they don't realize what's real.' Bryant suggests that porn may make boys feel even more insecure and inadequate."

--"Sons and Lovers," Toronto Life/Fashion, Sept. 1993, 120.

[Commenting on a cartoon from Penthouse] "The caption reads: 'I can't come unless you pretend to be unconscious.' The joke could as well have taken any number of variations: 'I can't get hard unless--I can't f--k unless--I can't get turned on unless--I can't feel anything sexual unless--' Then fill in the blanks: 'Unless I am possessing you. Unless I am superior to you. Unless I am in control of you. Unless I am humiliating you. Unless I am hurting you. Unless I have broken your will'. . . autonomic nervous system surges at the thought and/or the action of forced sex, bullying sex, violent sex, injurious sex, humiliating sex, hostile sex, murderous sex. The kind of sex that puts the other person in their place. The kind of sex that keeps the other person other."

--John Stoltenberg, "Pornography and Freedom," in Men Confront Pornography, 63.

"...those boys who said that it is okay to hold a girl down and force her to have intercourse. Our study demonstrates that overwhelmingly they are the male teenagers who are reading and watching pornography. . . it is a statistical link between the amount of pornography male teenagers watch and the belief that it may be okay to use force with sex. This is very important."

--Check, in The Price We Pay, 91.

"Women are presented strictly as sexual objects, stripped and sexually accessible at any and all times." 15