"...Those who've been habituated to sexual activity from an early age can become fixated on sex: their social, emotional and cognitive development are profoundly altered by sexual activity they're not equipped to handle. Lacking personal boundaries, they may have no understanding of, or respect for, another individual's right to an inviolable self...'In child sexual abuse, there's total dominance, and that's the kick, the opportunity to do anything they want to another human being. They get into their addictive behaviour, pull out the porn, get excited, start hunting victims, over and over.' (According to Meyers)...'He's like a lot of the adult sex offenders I've dealt with. They just don't get it, they don't see that they're hurting kids-because they were hurt as kids. They've cut off the part of themselves that was victimized. They can't feel anything apart from the sexual addiction.' And as they got older, they find their predilections reinforced by mainstream culture, movies and rock videos that glorify violent males who dominate younger, weaker sex objects."

--Judy Steed, Our Little Secret: Confronting Child Sexual Abuse in Canada (Toronto: Random House of Canada, 1994), 138.

"The current data suggests that child-focused sexual thought and fantasies are not uncommon among male university students, and that such interests are related to attitudes supporting sexual dominance, masturbation to pornography, frequent sexual contacts, potential sexual aggression against adult women, and negative early sexual experiences"

--John Briere, Ph.D., and M. Runtz, M.A., "University Males Sexual Interest in Children: Predicting Potential Indices of 'Pedophilia' in a Nonforensic Sample," Child Abuse and Neglect 13 (1989): 73.

"The age at the time of assault of forcible rape victims surveyed:

*17 or younger -- 61%

*younger than 11--29% Rape in America is a tragedy of youth."

--"Rape in America," in The National Women's Study, (Crime Victims Research & Treatment Center, 1992).

"In a report based on the largest survey ever of state prison inmates: 'Two-thirds of sex offenders in state prisons attacked children, and a third of these victims were offspring or stepchildren of their attackers, the Justice Department reported...state prisons held 43,552 inmates in 1991 who raped or sexually assaulted children under 18. That represents 65.5 percent of the estimated 66,482 state inmates convicted of raping or sexually assaulting victims of all ages...The majority of sex crimes are committed against children because they are more helpless, easier targets and easier to intimidate into silence...more than half the child victims of rape or sexual assault were age 12 or younger."

--Michael J. Sniffen, "Most Sex Offenders in Prison Attacked Children," Durham Herald Sun, 4 March 1996.