"...how pornography can (a) be an important factor in shaping a male-dominant view of sexuality, (b) contribute to a user's difficulty in separating sexual fantasy and reality, (c) be used to initiate victims and break down their resistance to sexual activity, and (d) provide a training manual for abusers."

--Jensen, in Violence Against Women, 1:1, 33.

"Sexual assault and family violence are taking a devastating toll on America's physical and emotional well-being...More than 700,000 women in the United States are sexually assaulted each year, one every 45 seconds. It is the most rapidly growing violent crime in the country. [Each year] 1.7 million child abuse reports are filed; 61% of female rape victims are under age 18."

--Thomas Witcom, "AMA Calls Sexual Assault 'Epidemic'," The News and Observer, 7 November 1995.

"...offenders reported substantially greater use of sexually explicit materials. . . such use was significantly related to the chronicity of sexual offenders' assaults. Other investigations highlight the apparent pivotal impact of exposure to sexually explicit material in the development of deviant sexual interests."

--Weaver, III, in Media, Children, and the Family, 222.

"...those boys who said that it is okay to hold a girl down and force her to have intercourse. Our study demonstrates that overwhelmingly they are the male teenagers who are reading and watching pornography. . . it is a statistical link between the amount of pornography male teenagers watch and the belief that it may be okay to use force with sex. This is very important."

--Check, in The Price We Pay, 91.

"'Among sexually addicted offender populations, pornography plays a contributing role in the ritualized sexual patterns that accompany any assaultiveness'. . . Pornography to addicted sex offenders is as dangerous as matches and gasoline to an arsonist."

--Reed, in Media, Children, and the Family, 265.

"Marshall found that child molesters and rapists frequently used sexually explicit materials incitefully both immediately prior to and during sexual assaults." 16