Each One Reach One

    "Purveyors of the Centerfold Syndrome have taken a similar position, that objectification and sexualized imagery of women is really consumer-driven-that is, 'they want it and we provide it for them.' I couldn't be more contemptuous of the arrogance and ethical irresponsibility implicit in this outrageous denial that advertisers, television programmers, video game distributors, rock video producers, and men's magazine publishers are major shapers of male sexual attitudes and behaviors. I acknowledge, however, that they are accurate in one respect. If men and women were to join together to speak out against the Centerfold Syndrome, matters would change very quickly and very markedly."

    --Brooks, The Centerfold Syndrome, 201.

"Chrysler Corp has decided to stop running ads in Playboy magazine after the automaker received complaints...Harris said the company acted because 'we don't advertise to upset a large segment of the population. Obviously, advertising in Playboy did...some people don't think Playboy stands for the things they like it to.'"

--Paul Farhi, "Chrysler To Halt Ads In Playboy," The Washington Post, 22 February 1991.

An adult survivor of severe child abuse, later turned activist, inspires us all to act for change. "I've gained immense respect for what heroes we were as children. We had no resources and we faced life-threatening situations with no support and found incredible ways to survive. As adults we may never again need to rise to the levels of heroism we rose to daily as children-but we can do it if we have to; that courage is not lost to us. That bravery is going to change the world. That's why it's so important to go back and find these heroic children and integrate them with our adult selves, absorb their courage and go out and make the world a safe place for everyone."

--Steed, Our Little Secret, 176-177.