People Take Action: What You Can Do

"It is in all these ways that each of us, informed by our heads and hearts, can use our voices as primary instruments and can become the agents for transforming our culture by creating images that foster hope for ourselves and our future. Each of these activities has the potential to be significant in and of itself; when combined, they will enable us to realize what may seem at this time almost unimaginable, a new lexicon of imagery that will lead the way to transforming our rape culture and healing centuries of violence." --Campbell, in Transforming A Rape Culture, 151.

1. Learn more so that you know the difference between what IS educational and liberating and what is dehumanizing and exploitive. Don't accept ALL sexual expression as educational or liberating. Some is. Porn isn't. Like Playboy and similar publications. 5. Help raise public awareness by suggesting and supporting school, civic group and church programs and workshops on dehumanizing and degrading sexually explicit media.

10. Contact your elected officials and ask about legal strategies for counteracting the harm of pornography. Things like: raising the age of models to 21 for porn-posing, affixing warning labels on men's magazines, and earmarking porn product tax dollars for treatment programs for sex offenders and porn addicts.

Children's Institute

The Electronic Activist

2. Talk with your friends and colleagues. Encourage others to identify, analyze, and resist false and desensitizing images and the underlying messages in pornography and porn-influenced material. 6. Support media activist groups who promote more balanced, realistic, and diverse portrayals of girls and boys and men and women, in media.

Media Action Alliance
P.O. Box 391
Circle Pines, MN 55014-0391

Media Watch

Media Watch
P.O. Box 618
Santa Cruz, California 95061-0618

Safeguarding Our Children

Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together." -Verna M. Kelly

Even the most hard-nosed physicists admit that the flap of a butterfly's wing here can change the weather hundreds of miles away." -Gloria Steinem"

7. Encourage your professional association and local child advocacy organizations to develop position statements on the commodifying of subordinating sex and the inappropriate sexualization of children.

Linnea Smith's article on Sexual Exploitation of Chidren in Advertising

The American Medical Association,

The American Academy of Pediatrics,

Mental Health Professionals,

American Psychological Association,

Children's Defense Fund.

World Congress Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Declaration and Agenda for Action

11. Ask leaders at your neighborhood schools if they have a sexual harassment policy, if they have a program on media literacy, if they discuss pornography in sex education classes. If not, volunteer to serve on a committee to develop needed programs.
3. Teach your children to respect children of the opposite gender. Talk to them about sexuality. Give them the information they need to make smart, caring, responsible decisions. 8. Take seriously and use responsibly your power as a consumer. Don't help finance the widespread sex mis-education represented in so-called "men's" magazines. Cancel your subscriptions, choose other gifts for the men in your life. And above all else, don't consider it a young boy's rite of passage to learn from these magazines that sex is all about degrading women and children. 12. Be techno-savvy. Technology expands the challenge. Be aware of the Playboy Channel and similar television programs.
4. Express your concern to your local radio and TV stations about programs that legitimize and glamorize girls and young women as centerfolds, strippers, bunnies, pets, and playmates. And glorifies boys as Don Juans, predators, sexual gladiators, and users. 9. Write the advertisers of men's magazines.

Make a difference by giving them important feedback on the material (and messages) their advertising dollars finance.

13. Pornography is pandered on the Internet...and NOT just to adult consumers. Establish clear online guidelines for your children.

Larry's World: Children's Safety on the Internet

Parental Control of the Internet


"Hope is like the sun, which as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us." -S. Smiles