Beyond the cost of pornography in terms of its relationship

to violence against women and the reinforcement of calloused attitudes,

if we equate what is in pornography with sexuality, we have done sexuality a great disservice.

We have taken the beauty, the humanity, the self expression,

the opportunity for human beings to be as one,

and to experience and communicate their deepest and strongest emotions

and equated this to what people do with their genitals.

Pornography insults both men and women.

Considering that sexuality is one of the only social behaviors that we do not learn

through modeling, except through pornography,

pornography gives people, expecially young people,

a very limited vision of their own and others' sexuality."

-- Gloria Cowan, "Degrading/Dehumanizing Pornography: The Costs of Denial," Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex, San Diego, Calif., 1992.

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